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S4media will work with you to incorporate your existing branding or develop a new branding strategy for your online presence. All of your company pages are designed to reflect your company, as the web site is the online voice of your brand. In addition to presenting your work in a visually compelling form, the fotoshow pro interface is tailored to your specific field of work and customers needs. This enables your cutomers to search, browse and purchase your work as intuitively and efficiently as possible. The fotoshow pro database is customized to your work, and the interface for your customers is molded to fit appropriately.

  SportPics - products & services

Presenting your company, services and products.

S4media will work with you to present your company information in a professional and compelling manner. All your company information and pricing/ release information can be displayed in your custom areas. These areas can be made more visually appealing by showcasing selected works.

Your customers can easily find information on pricing, release and copyright information, terms of use, and even your company history.

Help with your marketing vital to any web business is the identification of and communication with your target market. A combination of off-line and online marketing has proven to be the most effective.
  SportPics - search / browse

fotoshow pro has powerful search and browse functions, so you clients can quickly find what they are looking for.

The fotoshow pro user interface is custom designed for your work style and corresponding library structure. In addition to comprehensive search functionality, fotoshow pro offers your customers a guided browse function. This feature asks a series of questions which precisely locates the images your customers are looking for. In the example shown here, the customer can select a sport, then a team, then a season and then player, location and position. At any stage of this process, the results can be displayed.

  SportPics - search results

Clear and concise information displays.

Once your customer has defined a search or browse function, the items searched for and the corresponding image entry results are displayed. From here images can be viewed at greater detail, added to a personal lightbox or if your customer is permitted, a version can be downloaded placement.

Several filters can also be applied to your image results display, such as number of images per page, photographer, and picture orientation.

  SportPics - image detail

Each of your image entries can contain detailed, searchable information. Relevant keywording enables your images to be easily searched.

  SportPics - edit database categories

fotoshow pro comes with a comprehensive and powerful administration tool kit.

Using these tools allows you to update, modify and restructure your image library system. fotoshow pro is custom designed to suit your business right from the start. Whether it’s sports, medical, science or a wider variety of images in your collection, the database and library system is designed to suit your needs. Once the database is set up and the structure is in place, you can edit and update all of the categories using the administration tool kit.
In the SportPics system, for example, the names of the teams that are related to a specific sport can easily be added and edited. Adding and updating your underlying database structure makes it quick and easy to add images to your categories.

  SportPics - add images

fotoshow pro makes populating your database as easy and efficient as possible.

The fotoshow pro administration tool kit allows for batch processing of multiple entries -- and you can apply a saved set of attributes to all the images in a batch at once.

Image attributes includes date, caption, photographer, keywords, subject, format, release status, etc. The tool kit dynamically generates a series of drop-down menus for each category, based on you library structure. SportPics, for example, uses a sport -> team -> season -> player hierarchy. Once keywords and other relevant information is added to a particular image, this set of information can be applied to the batch of images, and saved for use on future sets of images. Using these two tools together - the Batch List and Batch Attributes - allows you to quickly build your image library within a cohesive structure.

  The fotoshow pro custom development process


The first stage of custom development of a fotoshow pro client site and administration applications is to create a site flow. This diagram graphically represents every page of the application, and shows the different navigation paths and indicates the type of content and functionality of each page. This is how the structure of the applications are defined. It is also where the different types of areas of the applications are defined, as well as defining at a high level how the applications will function.

  The fotoshow pro custom development process

Wireframes - an interactive prototype:

This is where we design and build all the functionality for every page on both the client side and the administration side. Once this interactive prototype is constructed, it can then be subjected to usability testing. During this process the functionality and interface design can be modified and refined to make your application as user-friendly as possible.

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